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My Jewelry Creating Corner

I have been trying to organize my jewelry making corner. Jeff is so patient as he bites his tongue. He hates that I am so messy and disorganized. My hobbies take over the house. He gave me a corner to do my jewelry in the dining room. That may have been a mistake on his part, so he keeps quiet. But he has recently started to huff and puff and I am in danger of him blowing my house down. So I am working hard to get things back in order.

Beading has so many components. I was able to purchase some coin tubes (200 of them) to begin the task. But after filling every last one of them, I realized that this was not going to be enough. I started, and will continue to save my medicine tubes. Organizing the beads into colors and then different drawers. But there are wires, elastic, cords, ribbons and metal findings. There are also tools, glues, varnishes, polymer clays and more.

My drawers are full, the top of the work area is full. I desperately need more storage space. I will keep at it.

In the meantime…my recent creations.

This Blue Set was a favorite and was sold to a family member in Texas. I was glad because it will stay in the family. I really came close to keeping it. I loved that it would go well with jeans. Does anyone else have trouble with letting go of their creations? It is becoming harder and harder to do so.

Blue Set
Blue Set

Now this bracelet, I am wearing as I type this. I really love the colors.

Blue Stone with Metallic Beads Bracelet
Blue Stone with Metallic Beads Bracelet

S’mores!!! Are Beautiful!

Amazing Chocolate and Marshmallow Agates

I just cannot tell you how much I love these agates. I found them at the Gem & Mineral Show in Lincoln this last weekend. I could not leave without them. They looked so much like melted chocolate and cooked marshmallow in S’mores.  I made both the necklace and bracelet the moment I got home. I added a sterling silver clasp and finished with matching earrings of sterling silver. The effect…totally unique and stunning!