Monthly Archives: July 2013

Spending Time With The Grands This Summer

I have had a lot of fun this summer with my grandchildren.

Deven and I went to Kansas City for his National Dance Competition and then this mom Heather and I took him to San Francisco to perform at Man Dance Company. My grandson is truly gifted and I am so excited for his future at Midland College.

Here he and his partner Shelby dance to I Can’t Make You Love Me:



Today I spent time with Jocelyn. She and her friend Gage went to meet with my teacher friend Ashley, who is going to help them with voice lessons. Jocelyn is so excited about her music. She learned today that her range is almost 2 octaves. She has some new practice warm-ups to work on. She has to think of her voice as an instrument too. Practice, practice…practice.



Winnebago Powwow 2013


Jeff and I spent the weekend up at Winnebago for the 147th Annual Powwow. I have never been to a Powwow that made me feel so connected before. I cannot really explain it. I think it was while watching the tribute dances (one for a man who had cancer, there were many more) that I witnessed such overwhelming love and healing. I feel so blessed to have attended this amazing Powwow. To see the rest of the pics visit my Picasa album.

Starting a new Blog…again


Here I am starting yet another blog (Third by my count.)

Why? Why?!! you ask???

The main reason is because my last blog was a url that I can never remember how to spell. At the time I thought it was ingenious: (and it was a freebie I got with my google account).

Okay, if you didn’t “get it” it is vikianderson backwards. The premise was “Through the Looking Glass – Reflections of my Madcap Life”.¬†Yeah, I can’t remember how to spell it either so how can I expect others to remember it. It is more than a little irritating.

So I decided to change it back to This at least I can remember to spell. The other change is that I switched to WordPress. Why again might you ask? Well because it was available to me on my server. It is tried and true and should work well on all devices as long as I select a theme package that is up to date.

So as I wander through this new blog I will be sharing my photos, lifestyle, recipes, crafts, jewelry I am working on, wisdom, and love of family and friends. I invite you to “Live in a good way” with me.