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Thankful For The Love Of Family

Everywhere in social media you find people with their daily posts/status counting down their many blessings. “Day 1 – I am thankful for… etc.” I have not joined in yet because sometimes I think this gets sappy (yes I said it). But the truth is, I AM thankful for my many blessings.

Today I am thankful for the love of family. The type of love that you feel deep inside that can never be shaken, even when we lose someone. And although there are family members who are no longer with us, I am still surrounded by their love and I feel it.

Thanksgiving is a day of  family traditions. When we keep these traditions, something as simple as “Mom’s recipe” of anything or the re-telling of that story of dad doing something hilarious, we are bringing those memories alive once more. The love just flows like a hug from heaven and we are young once more.

This year, for the 2nd year in a row, we will gather at my daughter Heather’s home. We outgrew our home with our many grandchildren and I am sort of glad of that. But the traditions are the same and the love is just as warm in the new surroundings. Heather and I have a “more the merrier” attitude for family gatherings and it is clear that we raised her up right. She never disappoints me in her heart of gold and ability to make all feel warm and welcomed to her home.

I send my wishes to all for a lovely Thanksgiving this year.

Back to the classroom…on

I have been away from Web site building for a while now. But for some reason I maintained my reseller server with my host company, thinking in the back of my mind I would get back into it eventually. Apparently now is eventually.

I had continued hosting my son’s wife’s family’s commercial WordPress site, they have their own designer that works with them and just serves it from my space.

It started with offering a self-hosted site to a new friend Paulissa. She had a WordPress site that she had at, but she needed to extend her functionality. So we migrated her site to my server space. A few, very few hiccups along the way and bam, she was up and running. Her site is at

Thanks Paulissa for waking me back up!

Soooooo, I have this granddaughter (a very talented singer-songwriter) and she was needing to get her name and music out there. I think everything can be done with the internet these days so I offer to build her a Web site. WordPress seemed like the perfect solution because of the open-source, you can build it anyway you want with a lot of functionality. Jocelyn has lots of videos and audio clips to post so, I created a music site for her to share her music at

Then when her friend Heather saw it, she was interested, so I offered to build her site. Heather is also a very talented musician, singer-songwriter (so much talent these kids!). You can find her site at

So now the bug bit me again, I want to continue creating sites. So back to the classroom on to learn more and expand my skill sets on what is new in WordPress and more importantly, commercial plug-ins for adding PayPal functionality and other forms that my young talented singers will need for their careers. I want to be able to give them sites that are career tools, not just a pretty place to play their music from. Although there are plenty of YouTube tutorial for free out there, never disappoints me for an online classroom that is very thorough and up to date. I get to learn at my pace and on my busy schedule. I like that I can play the tutorials on my iPad while working on my computer. There is not a better classroom to be had.