Monthly Archives: July 2014

Ugh! Politics and Religion!

Can I hate Politics and Religion more?

I doubt it.

It has caused more riff in my family and I won’t have it. ANYMORE!

I usually enjoy social media, but I don’t anymore. You cannot say anything that you believe and hold as your own opinion without being attacked…by friends and family, the people you most care about.

This is the biggest problem with Social media. People openly state there opinions (myself included) without regard for how it affects those they love. Now if I were in the same room with my family and friends, I would never push their buttons like that. Purposely, when you already know the outcome. Why would I set the room on fire burning bridges and relationships like it didn’t matter.

Well it does.

The people I love and care about mean more to me than their stupid opinions or my own. We do have stupid opinions, we do. At least someone else thinks your thoughts are “crap” and they tell you so. They use social media like it is their own personal debate event.

It’s not.

When you go to someone else’s wall or space, you are entering their own personal space. You need to remember to respect their opinion and leave it at that. You are more than welcome to (instead of commenting on their page to start a flame war) share the discussion on your own page to state your own differing opinion. Then it becomes your own and I will respect your space and opinion as your own. You will never find me starting shit on your wall.

If you come to my wall or space, and make a comment that starts a flame war, I will delete your comment. If you think this is stupid too, well that is too bad. Your need to vent all over me and my opinion is not up for debate. You will not be allowed.

I won’t be childish and unfriend you (unless I’m just not that into you). I won’t unfollow you. I will respect you and your opinion, if you keep your dissenting opinions to yourself and your own space/wall.

If you disrespect others so much that you don’t care who’s feelings you hurt as long as you have your say, then I will lose respect for you.

One of my favorite cousins, teaches all to be kind. I will use that standard (Is what I am about to do or say…kind?) as much as possible. I am not perfect, but I will keep trying.