Monthly Archives: February 2021


The last time I posted here was in March of 2019…

I did not post in 2020.

2020 was a very bad year. The Covid-19 Pandemic was the year that everyone stayed home. Work at home, school at home, everything…at home. I RETIRED! We tried desperately to cope and stay safe from each other. People hoarded toilet paper (that is a whole post on its own.) Jeff and I still got sick with Covid. I never ever want too be that sick again. I am grateful we recovered. Just under a half a million people in the United States (to date) DIED.

2020 was an awakening of Racial Justice issues. Our society has to come to terms that we in the year of 2020 are STILL a society that allows racial injustice to exist. We look the other way. Black and brown people (…of color) are disproportionately targeted for all kinds of injustices from micro-aggressions to actually being murdered in front of us on social media. White superiority was paraded and worshipped by President Trump and his cult-like followers. Trump also targeted Asians with his daily reminders using the term “China Virus.”

2020 was a political year. President Trump LOST. I cannot say that loud enough. If I need to shout louder for the people in the back who cannot hear. President Trump LOST. Yet, 70,000,000 followers have deluded themselves into believing that did not happen. Seventy million! Trump continues to spread this BIG LIE. He is insane. THE ELECTION WAS NOT STOLEN. I don’t care how many times you say it, it is still a LIE!

2021 is going to be year of recovery. Recovery of health. Recovery of sanity. Recovery of self.