Back to Work

I work for Omaha Public Schools at an elementary in an urban area. While the area my school is in… is challenging for sure, I love this school! The kids are great! The staff at my school is amazing and my Principal is hands down the best there is. Today, Channel 6 News came out to visit our teachers while they get classrooms ready for their students. Enjoy the video!

Summer ended and I went back to work last Friday. I’ve spent the last few days, getting everything ready for that first day. Our student count is going up and down almost hourly as families that realize their kids need to be re-enrolled if they moved over the summer and there are the parents that realize their kids are old enough to go to pre-school or kindergarten and need to enroll them for the first time.

Our new teachers started last week with me and our principal. Our returning teachers will be there today. I managed to get the mailboxes updated. So much left to do.

We have a Safe Night Walk To School Event planned for tomorrow night. Pretty much this is an open house so that students can meet their new teachers and basically have a fun night.

The kids return on August 14.