Thankful For The Love Of Family

Everywhere in social media you find people with their daily posts/status counting down their many blessings. “Day 1 – I am thankful for… etc.” I have not joined in yet because sometimes I think this gets sappy (yes I said it). But the truth is, I AM thankful for my many blessings.

Today I am thankful for the love of family. The type of love that you feel deep inside that can never be shaken, even when we lose someone. And although there are family members who are no longer with us, I am still surrounded by their love and I feel it.

Thanksgiving is a day of  family traditions. When we keep these traditions, something as simple as “Mom’s recipe” of anything or the re-telling of that story of dad doing something hilarious, we are bringing those memories alive once more. The love just flows like a hug from heaven and we are young once more.

This year, for the 2nd year in a row, we will gather at my daughter Heather’s home. We outgrew our home with our many grandchildren and I am sort of glad of that. But the traditions are the same and the love is just as warm in the new surroundings. Heather and I have a “more the merrier” attitude for family gatherings and it is clear that we raised her up right. She never disappoints me in her heart of gold and ability to make all feel warm and welcomed to her home.

I send my wishes to all for a lovely Thanksgiving this year.

2 thoughts on “Thankful For The Love Of Family

  1. This is absolutely beautiful. I don’t think it matters if the home is large or small, mine or yours. If people have to sit on the floor to eat or stand at the counter. It is the being “all together” that really matters. Making memories….

    1. You are exactly right Barb. I don’t think there is a space small enough to keep out the love I feel for my family. It is one-size fits all for sure, no matter where you are.

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