My Spirit Is Just Not Religious

01232013 Morning Light

Everyday I feel confronted by people that feel the need to shove their religious beliefs in my path. Yesterday it was a couple of nice old ladies at my door with a bible. I was nice and thanked them for worrying about my soul but sent them on their way.

Everywhere in this world people have their own culture that is based on their beliefs and religion. Socially it brings people together. It helps to give meaning to their worldview. I get that. I do not wish to change their view. I just don’t know why so many religious people feel the need to “sell” their religion to others by way of their own personal crusade.

Throughout mankind’s history and throughout the world, clashes of religions have caused wars and death. Why can’t people just “live and let live”. I have learned to avoid religion, avoid the labels and avoid the dogma. I love the people, not the dogma. Please don’t worry about my soul.

My Spirit is my own and it is one with all of nature and the natural beauty of this world. I do not need to be “annoy”nted by someone else’s idea of a god or belief. I do not need to make myself right to be accepted. Mother Earth has already accepted me as her own and the Creator does not judge.

I have found my own path and it is a good path.