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March 4, 2014
by vikianderson
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Catching Fire

Soooo, this past week has been interesting. Supporting my grandkids in their endeavors is one of my favorite pastimes. Two weeks ago I was with Deven in Des Moines cheering him on as he earned an “All American” Award for dance at his dance team’s regional meet.

This last week on Friday, I took Jocelyn to Hutch (a Midtown furniture store) to play for patrons at an art show. Jocelyn really enjoyed playing and the audience was appreciative. Nicholas Huff, the owner of the store asked Jocelyn to come back on Monday to shoot a video. So I brought her back and she shot the video and posted it on his YouTube station for Hutch Sessions. Truly a generous fan that wanted to share this music with his friends.

Well in one week, this video has been viewed over 400 times. It is catching fire and it is fun to watch people’s reactions to it. Not only that, but then saw it and featured it on their website. I posted the video at Singers & Songwriters on Google+ and Jocelyn got an email from Joshua Bachar, a composer in Prescott, AZ, who enjoyed the video and commented “Wonderful”. Later then next day, Jocelyn heard from a producer here in Omaha. The “buzz” is getting around and it is really great to see.

While playing at the 402 Arts Collective yesterday, a producer in Lincoln texted Jocelyn about playing at the Zoo Bar in Lincoln soon. He is also interested in talking with her about her music. This just gets better every day.

If you want to see more of Jocelyn’s work visit her website at:

Minne Lusa is Home!

January 12, 2014 by vikianderson

There has been something good, really good happening in my neighborhood, Minne Lusa. We are loving and caring about our neighbors. We are getting together to get to know each other on a weekly basis. We are doing neighborhood and community projects together and having fun. We have pride in our Minne Lusa homes and their historical place in Omaha. And we are growing!

How did this happen in a once declining neighborhood?

We have a neighborhood association, but I could never seem to convince myself that I wanted to be a part of a formal group even though they are our neighbors. Formal agenda is still formal, and I just am not that person.

Truly we owe this amazing grace to Sharon Olson, Beth Richards and Diane Franson Krisor. These three friends worked on and opened up a house (at 2737 Mary Street) and their hearts and invited us in for coffee on Saturday mornings. These ladies serve up coffee, homemade yummies and friendship. No memberships, no strings, no agenda, just a genuine love for neighborhood. Over the last three years, there has been a steady flow of neighbors taking time to be neighborly! Even the folks from the neighborhood association stop in. Every week someone new arrives and falls in love with our neighborhood all over again. This works for me. It is real.

Minne Lusa House

Minne Lusa House – 2737 Mary Street

In order to support the house, they make canned goods: pickles, beans, jams, jellies, tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, and more. They also teach canning, both pressure canned and water boiled for $10 a person. What a great skill to learn for today’s cooks. Donations are always welcome.

Some of the fun group projects that neighbors have taken on: Halloween on the Boo-levard, Easter Egg Hunts, Craft Sales, Santa Visits and more.

I have joined a group of neighbors that meet at the house to start a quarterly newsletter that will be called the Minne Lusa Messenger. I cannot tell you how nice it is to know these people and come together on such a wonderful thing for our neighborhood. It will help to continue and grow this love of neighborhood.

Yesterday, I participated in a project to make tie blankets for the children at Boystown Hospital. We had a lot of fun, good conversation, great food, met new people.


I am so glad I live in this neighborhood. It is home! I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

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January 7, 2014
by vikianderson
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My past writings

This post is simply a set of links to some of my past writings. I like to keep them handy: